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Imran Abbas
Imran Abbasjan-20-2022
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My experience with free consultation was amazing. I got several calls from the MediCure to remind me about my appoinemt. The doctor was spot on time and gave in length and rather elaborated response to all mu queires and concerns. In th midst of a pathetic health care system. This is a refreshing change.
Zeeshan Haider
Zeeshan Haiderjan-5-2022
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This was my first online consultation with Dr. Israr Khan, He allow me to do the questions and answered me as well in very explanation way and gently. Furthermore, his diet plan will update after output. He is a nice person and listen you very carefully and answer all the questions. High recommend
Muhammad Faizan
Muhammad Faizanfab-10-2022
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I used this app to consult doctor online. I was not sure if this works or not but it was a great experience. Team really helped me. Even i need to reschedule at last min and they helped. Consultation was smooth and app is very easy. Highly recommended .

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What is FibroScan Procedure?

What is FibroScan Procedure?

What is FibroScan® Procedure? FibroScan is a non-surgical procedure performed by gastroenterologists (GI) specialists to assess the condition of the liver as well as to identify concerns that may affect liver function. Using advanced ultrasound technology, this advanced diagnostic test, also called transient elastography, measures the amount of fat tissue in the liver (fatty liver….

9 Nutrition Tips for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

9 Nutrition Tips for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Many people feel the urgent need to mitigate their effects on Earth due to the devastating effects of climate change and resource depletion. One strategy is to reduce your carbon footprint, which is a measure of your total greenhouse gas emissions, not only from driving or using electricity but also lifestyle choices, such as the….

Can You Really Become Addicted to Sleep?

Can You Really Become Addicted to Sleep?

“Is it possible to get used to sleep? I’m asking for myself,” one person recently tweeted. It’s a feeling that many people can relate to. When it becomes almost impossible to open your eyes in the morning, or you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, you may begin to think: Is sleep addiction a….


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