how to get rid of hanging belly after c section

how to get rid of hanging belly after c section

  • September 16, 2023

I congratulate you! You recently introduced the world to a brand-new being. Before doing anything else, take it easy on yourself.

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lovely child-scented air and discovering the new you and Spend some time inhaling that. the minimal physical changes brought on by the cut, though that You will eventually begin to notice .

There are 12 useful tips for getting rid of a Hanging Belly After C-Section. who have had a C-section The majority of women  experience a hanging belly.

There is no doubt that if you are one of them, you have had your fair share of battle scars, such as fatigue, postpartum depression, and a hanging stomach.

Why does the belly hang after C-section?

  • “What is causing belly swelling when the child is already out?” You must be asking, if you have a hanging belly after a C-section.
  • It’s also possible that your problem is fat, loose skin, or simply a hormonal reaction. You’re right. some of the aforementioned elements combine.

What brought you here? when you were pregnant It’s evident that you put on a little weight, which is natural. On the other hand, when you put on weight, your rectus abdominis and internal oblique muscles also under stress changes.

  • which stabilize your core by being parallel to one another, likewise extend out These two parallel muscles
  • your baby also required extra space Besides this stretching. A newborn baby approximately weighs 3.2 kilos (7 pounds).
  • your abdominal muscles and connective structures have to expand To accommodate this expansion.
  • your small intestines, sigmoid colon, and stomach all had to move In order to make more space for your baby.
  • on its own to help your connective tissues become elastic, Finally your body created hormones .
  • you’re still holding onto fluid from delivery Additionally, there’s a good likelihood.
  • At other times your body commonly produces 50% more fluids during pregnancy than.
  • your body may still keep water after giving birth According to an article, which you finally eliminate through frequent urination and perspiration.
  • all of these things back to how they were prior to becoming pregnant It could take you some time and effort to arrange. So, be kind with your body. I have experienced a lot.

Understanding Your Cut

  • you have to decide between going to the gym and having a quick morning hug with your bundle because The physical changes can be affecting you so seriously.
  • If you’re just starting out then You’re urged to enjoy parenthood initially .
  • Following a C-section Celebrities can enjoy an instant flat stomach. you can breathe easier now that you know how to get rid of a hanging belly after a C-section.

how to get rid of hanging belly after c section


  • If you are reading this You most likely have personal experience with a C-section , either directly because you have had one or indirectly because you know someone who has.
  • The baby is born by a Caesarian section, also known as a C-section.
  • A cut across the mother’s uterus is made To safely deliver the baby, and this procedure is commonly required to be paid to medical issues.
  • Having a C-section entails having your abdominal muscles severely torn apart and healing a surgical wound which is significant to know that .
  • Allow your wound to heal before you begin fighting your drooping belly.

How long does it take for Cesarean section to heal internally?

  1. Just like with previous operations You would need time for this surgery to heal inside.
  2. Plan to stay in the hospital for three to four days, and possibly longer if there are any difficulties after giving birth.
  3. for your stomach to shrink Give your body 6 to 8 weeks to recover completely. Involution is the term for the stomach’s diminishing.
  4. your body is healing because doing so could cause the wound to reopen to Avoid doing any strenuous labor.
  5. clean your clothes or with any other tasks that require you to bend. assist you by your friends or family .
  6. The baby only needs your undivided attention.

How to get rid of hanging belly after C-section?

To get rid of the hanging belly the proactive methods while at home are listed below.

1. Breastfeed

A breastfeeding mother consumes up to 500 calories each day to produce the breast milk required to nourish the infant for the required six months, A Food & Nutrition article claims that . Your jut out tummy will contribute some of these calories.

A breastfeeding mother will spend 425–700 calories into breast milk each day, according to the American Pregnancy Association. How can this fat explosion occur? .

so it now has to work harder. The reason that the figure is so high is that your body hasn’t developed effective methods for producing milk for your baby .

2. Consider a Postpartum Support Belt

Using a strap or postpartum belt can support you getting rid of your hanging stomach After a C-section. while performing its primary function You might be surprised to learn.

Instead of supporting weak abdominal muscles, it actually shrinks your tummy into its proper position.

3. Minimize Stretchmarks

Getting rid of a hanging tummy after a C-section is more psychological in nature. stretch marks will make you feel as though the current issue is amplified Because it is predicated on the concept.

Think about using anti-stretch mark creams Since there is no food & drugs administration FDA-approved method to remove the marks .

When you do so for optimal skin absorption, you also improve circulation there Additionally, applying the crème to your hanging belly is beneficial since .

4. Sleep tight

If you get fewer than 5 hours of sleep each night, you’re more likely to gain weight than if you get 7 hours?

Getting adequate sleep will improve your mental health, which is crucial for your overall welfare In addition to aiding in weight loss.

5. Track Both your Food and Exercise

Including the portions Consider keeping a journal of everything you consume. any necessary dietary and exercise modifications will assist you in maintaining awareness of the foods you consume.

6. Drink Enough Water

As well as helping you recover milk-making fluid, it offers advice on how to get rid of a hanging tummy following a C-section. In turn, it reduces your desire to reach for food constantly since it makes your stomach feel fuller.

7. Eat Healthy

Make having a baby as a motivator to alter your eating patterns. With wholesome fruits and vegetables try eating fewer unhealthy foods and substituting them. Are you worried? Discuss with a gynecologist online right now to know in more detail about your issues.

8. Optimize your Milk Production

As previously indicated,Breastfeeding will cause you to burn more calories. You can improve this by boosting the amount of breast milk your body produces.

Best recognized for this take into consideration meals like beans, oats, and barley.

9. Include your Baby in your Workout

As a justification for not fitting a workout in this will help prevent using the newborn. while using resistance from them with these, you can take short strolls or lift weights .

10. Listen to your Body

to get rid of a hanging tummy after a C-section Include your doctor in every step of the way as you develop techniques. Let anyone know if something feels off. Pay attention to your body.

11. Get more Active when not Working out

While you are not exercising Keep moving even. You can fulfill this by taking your baby for short strolls. Not to exert too much pressure, keep in mind.

12. Try Kegels

To make your pelvic floor stronger these Kegels exercises are designed to make . Throughout pregnancy your expanding baby put a lot of pressure on your pelvic floor.



[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Life-Saving Emergency Option: C-sections can be lifesaving for both the mother and the baby in cases of emergencies, such as placental problems, umbilical cord complications, or fetal distress.

Controlled Timing: C-sections allow for better control over the timing of delivery, which can be important in certain medical situations, such as high-risk pregnancies or when the baby needs to be delivered quickly.

Reduced Risk of Birth Trauma: C-sections can reduce the risk of birth trauma, especially in cases where vaginal delivery might be difficult due to factors like the baby’s size or position.

Planned C-sections: Some mothers opt for planned C-sections for personal or medical reasons, such as a previous difficult delivery or medical conditions that make vaginal birth risky.

Reduced Risk of Pelvic Floor Issues: C-sections can lower the risk of pelvic floor disorders, such as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, which can sometimes occur after vaginal deliveries.[/i2pros][i2cons]Surgical Risks: C-sections are surgical procedures that come with the inherent risks associated with surgery, such as infection, bleeding, and adverse reactions to anesthesia.

Extended Recovery Time: Recovery from a C-section typically takes longer than recovery from a vaginal delivery. Mothers may experience pain, discomfort, and limited mobility during the healing process.

Potential for Complications: C-sections can lead to complications in future pregnancies, such as placenta previa or placenta accreta, where the placenta implants abnormally in subsequent pregnancies.

Breathing Issues for the Baby: Babies born via C-section may be at a slightly higher risk of experiencing transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN), a temporary breathing issue, compared to babies born vaginally.

Less Immediate Skin-to-Skin Contact: In some cases, C-sections may result in delayed or limited immediate skin-to-skin contact between the mother and baby, which can impact bonding and breastfeeding initiation.

Potential for Surgical Scarring: C-sections leave a scar on the mother’s abdomen, which may be of cosmetic concern for some women.

Long-term Health Implications: There is some evidence to suggest that babies born via C-section may have a slightly higher risk of certain health conditions, such as asthma and obesity, although the reasons for these associations are still being studied.


Bottom Line

After a C-section Remember that patience is essential as you use these tips to get rid of a hanging tummy. Before continuing, give your body time to recuperate 

Don’t have you need to compare notes with other mothers because each new mother is unique in her own way and keeps a journal of her experiences.

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