Georgia will be first US state where pharmacies sell medical cannabis

Georgia is poised to become the first state in the United States to allow pharmacies to sell medical cannabis. This groundbreaking move is expected to make access to medical cannabis more convenient and accessible for patients. How will pharmacy-based medical cannabis sales work in Georgia?...

Atrium Health halts lawsuits against patients for unpaid medical bills

In a noteworthy and quietly implemented policy change, Atrium Health, a prominent nonprofit healthcare system in North Carolina, has ceased its practice of suing patients for unpaid medical bills. This momentous shift has garnered applause from advocates who have long argued that pursuing legal action against patient...

New Medical Condition Bridges Gap Between Obesity, Diabetes And Heart Disease

The American Heart Association (AHA) has identified a new medical condition that links heart disease to several other health conditions, including kidney disease, diabetes, and obesity. The condition is called cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic syndrome (CKM), and it is defined as a combination of any two of the followi...